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Optical Fiber Cable _Futuristic connecti

Experience Internet at the Speed of Light! No matter if your working from home, streaming TV and videos, or hard core gaming; fiber will cover all your internet needs. The best part is you can do all of that at the same time because with Night Owl's fiber you maximize your online experience. When it comes to the internet, fiber is the future. Are you there? 

Fiber Internet Service


$59 /month

100 Download

100 Upload


$79 /month

500 Download

100 Upload

Symmetrical Upload
$10 /month

The Gig

$109 /month

1000 Download

250 Upload

Symmetrical Upload
$10 /month

Symmetrical Upload
$10 /month

All packages include standard home WiFi.
One time standard installation fee will apply.
Listed pricing reflects Auto Bill Pay and Paperless Billing discounts.

Pricing may vary depending on address. Call for further details.

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