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Night Owl Fiber Facts & Information

Why is it superior to all other forms of internet? 

Laptop and Plant
Video Game
Watching TVs





Fiber Internet by Night Owl works by transmitting data using pulses of light through fiber optic (glass) cable. It is quite literally coming to you at the Speed of light. Through Night Owl's fiber internet you’re getting a 100% fiber network connection all the way to your home or business. With Night Owl's Fiber network design, we ensure Quality fiber optic by allowing for more devices to be connected without disconnecting, buffering and with unsurpassable streaming quality.​ Last but certainly not least; Reliability. Night Owl’s underground fiber network design makes it far less susceptible to outages keeping your home or business connected. Unique redundant links to the communities we serve, and diverse datacenter connections are a few things that make Night Owl's Speed, Quality, and Reliability stand apart in keeping you connected.

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