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The Steps to Your Fiber Installation.

  • "Fiber Neighborhood Construction Process" has been completed.

  • Fiber Sight Survey. A tech will show up at the property and determine the best place for Night Owl's equipment known as the NID. We will need either email or in-person confirmation that you agree with placement before we can move to the next step.

  • Utility locates will be called in for the property. The property will then be flagged for existing utilities. It is of the utmost importance that you DO NOT pull these flags for any reason! We will pull them once we are done. We will also need to be made aware of any private utilities such as invisible dog fence, gas lines, etc...  

  • We will show up shortly after locates have been called in to put the line in the ground from our fiber access point to the house or business. This maybe be done using our drop plow or the directional bore depending on the property. 

  • Mounting the NID to the house or business could happen either at the time of getting the drop in the ground or the day of your in home installation.

  • Once all previous steps have been followed it's time for your in-home installation. The office will reach out to you and get you on the schedule. 

NID (Network Interface Device)
This is what will be placed on the outside
of your home or business


Drop Plow 

flags 1_edited.jpg

Flagged area around a hand hole.

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