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Tech Support 

Internet not working? This video will take you through the router reboot process.

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Internet is working but maybe you're having trouble with a specific website / streaming service / application? It could be that service itself.  

Reboot Steps -

It is important to follow these steps in order & observe the pauses between steps.

If you notice a blip or connectivity issue, wait 15 minutes, as sometimes we push updates to devices that can cause temporary connection intermissions. 

If a device loses power during updates, it can cause equipment failure.

Here's a YouTube video outlining these steps for your reference:

  1. Once you have waited 15 minutes & if your connection has not healed itself.

  2. Find your WiFi router & it's power cord, unplug the power cord from the wall

  3. Wait 30 seconds then plug it back in.

  4. Wait 5 minutes, check for internet connectivity once all of the "normal" flashing & solid lights have resumed on your router.

  5. If the internet has not resumed, follow the cord in the internet (or WAN) port on the back of the router to the black or white box that has one cord going to the wall for power & two of those network cables coming out of the other end.
    (The images below are similar to the boxes described, though the cords may be different colors.)

  6. Pull the power plug from the wall for that box.

  7. Wait 30 seconds, plug it back in.

  8. Wait 3 minutes. If your internet has not resumed, repeat the power cycling steps 2,3,4 for your WiFi router one more time.


If the issue persists, please give us a call at 563-447-0177 or email us by replying to any email from Night Owl.

If you experience issues occasionally, and don't do this often, that is okay, but if this becomes a regular occurrence, please let us know, it isn't normal. 

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